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We Compared Top 5 Commercial Brands - Top 5 Ingredients

(This comparison is effective 2/15/2014.)


Flint River Ranch Lamb Millet Rice Recipe - Lamb Meal, Ground Whole Millet, Ground Whole Rice, Ground Whole Brown Rice, Chicken Fat. Bag Size Compared 20Lb (available in 10lb and 20lb bags - large orders are shipped in 20lb increments but at bulk pricing)



We compared the brands and recipes closest to our most popular recipe; Flint River Ranch Lamb/Millet/Rice. Our cost comparison was based upon the bag size offered by each company that was closest to our average bag size sold which is 20Lbs.


Note: If a particular brand is sold in bags of different sizes, the smaller the size, the higher the price per pound.


Example: Brand X comes in bags of 5, 10, 20 and 40 pounds.
A 5 lb bag costs $8, the price per pound is $1.60
A 10 lb bag costs $13, the price per pound is $1.30
A 20 lb bag costs $21, the price per pound is $1.05
A 40 lb bag costs $32, the price per pound is $0.80


Reading Labels; (A good rule of thumb to distinguish the major components of a food is to look for the first named source of fat in the ingredient list. Anything listed before that, and including it, make up the main portion of the food, other items are present in much smaller amounts to add flavor, function as preservatives or because of their dietary benefits (e.g. probiotics, vitamins and minerals).


  1. All ingredients are required to be listed in order of predominance by weight.
  2. The weights of ingredients are determined as they are added in the formulation, including their inherent water content.
  3. Ingredients must be listed by their "common or usual" name.


Royal Canin - Brewers rice, chicken by-product meal, wheat, corn gluten meal, oat groats. Bag Size Compared 30lb (available in 6lb and 30lb only)



Eukanuba - Lamb, Brewers Rice, Oat Flour, Ground Whole Grain Sorghum, Chicken Meal. Bag Size Compared 25lb (available in 4lb and 25lb only)



Avoderm - Lamb Meal, Ground Whole Brown Rice, Ground Whole White Rice, Oatmeal, Rice Bran. Bag Size Compared 26Lb (available in 4.4lb, 15lb and 26lb only)



Wellness - Lamb, Menhaden Fish Meal, Oatmeal, Ground Barley, Ground Brown Rice. Bag Size Compared 15Lb (available in 6lb, 15lb and 30lb only)



Blue Buffalo - Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Peas, Tapioca Starch. Bag Size Compared 24Lb. (available in 4.5lb, 11lb and 24lb only)



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