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I wanted to get back to you on the supplement that I am using now from FRR, the Essential Greens supplement is really going over well with Tucker! I have slowly started him out with just a scoop per feeding as the instructions mention.  He just loves the liquid over his food, he actually eats it so fast I am trying to get him to calm down while eating. Customer - RG


My Molly is 7 years old now, but when we brought her home she was very mopey.  All she wanted to do is lay around. Since then, we have been feeding her Flint River Ranch Puppy & Adult kibble her whole life. Once she started eating Flint River Ranch food she was a different dog! So lively! Now at the age of 7 she still runs around the house like the playful little puppy. This good food saved my dogs life! Thank you for your service and care. Customer - "R"

  We loved your kibble and so did Jacques for his 10+ years.  Jacques skin allergies were nonexistent. We now have a new puppy and he will be on the same kibble. THANK YOU Flint River Ranch and who can beat having 20lbs of high quality dog food and treats delivered to your door!Customer - Edney

  I've purchased from them for years. Excellent customer service and EXTREMELY fast shipping. LOVE them!

By Cathy


Product is superior quality and seller is the only one I have found that will offer a discount. Thanks

By Shopper 

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