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Information About Natural Dog Training

John the Dog Trainer

Dog Training Methods and Techniques

What is Natural Dog Training?

Simply put, natural dog training methods utilizes your dog's natural instincts and pyschology!

Common Types of Dog Trainers

There are basically three types;

  • Click & Treat Trainers

  • Dominance Dog Trainers

  • Motivational Dog Trainers

Natural Methods

We have always used positive, motivational techniques.  Throughout the learning phase, and especially for young pups, we utilize toys, praise, petting and sometimes food. The adding of commands happens in phases and with the use of effective communication - attaching the command (sit, stay, down and come) with the action followed by praise. Motivational trainers such as us use the dogs natural instincts to learn. Repetition and consistency are key but praise is the essential motivating factor.

Once your dog learns any command, the next step is to introduce distraction and correction when necessary.


We employ the "as gentle as possible, as firm as necessary" philosophy. NEVER pain and NEVER punishment.


At John's Natural Dog Training we have had the good fortune of working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. We work with many rescues/shelter dogs, fearful dogs and highly reactive or aggressive dogs. We are also blessed to work with very young pups, first-time owners as well as experienced owners. This is why our methods and techniques have been so effective for over twenty years. Our focus is to know what each dogs needs to be the best dog possible!


Motivating, gentle, positive, loving, firm and effective - We listen to the needs of the dog and the people they own who love them dearly.


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