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How to Properly Store Flint River Ranch Pet Food

How should pet food be stored?


Remember that the major sources of damage to pet food are oxygen, heat, humidity, and light. Exposure to oxygen and heat leads to oxidation of the fat in foods. Oxidation is a chemical process that makes food taste rancid, depletes vitamins and other nutrients, and can eventually lead to serious disease. Proper storage should limit the exposure of the food to these environmental factors.


Store foods at proper temperatures. Room temperature is ideal for both canned and dry foods, but neither should be stored above 90°F. Storing canned food at temperatures below 50°F for long periods of time may lead to some changes in appearance, texture, and palatability, but should not alter the nutritional value. Once canned food is opened, it should be covered with a tight-fitting lid, refrigerated, and used within 3 days.


Avoid storing dry food in damp basements, bathrooms or laundry rooms, since moisture encourages the growth of mold. If possible, keep dry food in its original bag and place inside another clean, dry, container with a snug lid to keep out light, air, rodents, and insects.


Flint River Ranch is naturally preserved and has a shelf-life of around 6 months. Kept and stored properly, your pet's food should remain fresh and tasty.


Proper storage equals better health & nutrition:

I have told hundreds, if not thousands, of my client to store their pet food in the bag it arrived in. The company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing this bag that was specifically designed to keep the product fresh for up to 9 months! Removing the food from the bag and placing it in a plastic or metal bin exposes the product to oxygen and chemicals that can degrade the  product and quite possibly contaminate the food!



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